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Start Your Journey with Niagahoster

What’s Inside Niagahoster?

Expect to grow amongst professionals in supportive and appreciative environment, accompanied by a flexible working schedule and access to global conferences.

At Niagahoster, we are committed to support our team on their journeys of becoming formidable and remarkable individuals.

By combining our aspiring values and your ever growing passion, we can help millions of people to unlock the power of the internet.

Available Positions for You

Great minds think alike. It’s your time to join our super team and help people unlock the power of the internet!

Customer Success Specialist - Local Team

Niagahoster Referral Program

What is Niagahoster Referral Program?

It is a program that encourages people to recommend someone (friend, colleague, or family) to work at Niagahoster. As a mutual benefit, the reference will receive an appealing reward.

Refer a Friend

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process takes up around two weeks in average. Every position can have different recruitment flow, depending on the nature of the job. However, in general, you will have to go through the following stages:

Online Application

Apply through our Career Page or external job portals that’s officially posted by Niagahoster.

Technical test

You will have to work on a test related to the position you have applied to prove your skills and capabilities.

HR interview

In this stage, you are expected to share your qualifications and personal slider. You will also learn more about ours!

Psychometric test

Your logical thinking and personality traits will be revealed through this process. Make sure to be fully focused!

User interview

Meet your future teammates who will dive deep into your technical skills and experiences!

Job offering

If you are the one, the job will be yours after you agreed to our offer. Welcome to your new home, Hoster Ranger!

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Our 10 Values

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Customer Obsession

  • You start with the customer and work backwards
  • You extensively research and strive to understand our customers better
  • You work with great effort to earn and keep customer trust


  • You care deeply about our customers and Niagahoster’s success
  • You are passionate: committed in heart and mind
  • You make decisions based on the long term
  • You act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just your own team
  • You never say “that’s not my job

Learn & Be Curious

  • You constantly learn and always seek to improve yourself
  • You are curious about new possibilities and act to explore them
  • It is in you nature to innovate

Hire & Develop The Best

  • You always hire better people than yourself
  • You help people to scale within the organization
  • Leaders develop leaders and take their role in coaching others seriously
  • You keep only highly effective people

Highest Standards

  • You strive for the highest standards, and many may think these standards are excessively high
  • You are continually raising the bar and drive your team to deliver high quality services
  • You inspires others with your thirst for excellence

Freedom & Responsibility

  • You are self-motivated, self-aware, self-disciplined, and self-improving
  • You don’t wait or want to be told what to do
  • You love freedom and you definitely deserve it


  • You constantly ask yourself what is the best thing I can do today that will contribute to a long term success
  • You think strategically, and can articulate what you are, and are not, trying to do
  • You are good at using data to support your intuition and make decisions

Bias Toward Action

  • Speed matters in business
  • Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study
  • You promote action-oriented behavior, rather than discussion based work

Courage and Candidness

  • You say what you think even if it is uncomfortable
  • You give each other radically candid feedback and never wait to do so
  • You make tough decisions without agonizing
  • You question actions inconsistent with our values

Deliver Results

  • You deliver results with the highest quality and in a timely fashion
  • You recognize and celebrate achievements

Perks & Cultures

Niagahoster profoundly cares about their Rangers. If you are looking for a place to kickstart your career, supports your growth,
embraces your talent, and provides a positive work culture, then this is where to start.

Work From Anywhere

You can work from literally any place; office, home, hotel, cafe, even beaches and mountains!

Work From Anywhere

Flexible Working Hours

Set your working hours to fit any specific needs, without setting aside your responsibilities.

Flexible Working Hours

Work Equipment & Technology

You will be provided with equipment to support your work and boost your performance since day one.

Work Equipment & Technology

Community of Interest

We believe that every Hoster Ranger is entitled to freely explore their interests through communities and programs.

Community of Interest

Wellness and wellbeing

Health is the root of happiness and productiveness on every employee. Not just medical insurance, we also provide mental health support

Wellness and wellbeing

Career Development

As a form of support for your growth and desire to learn new things, we make self-help books, workshops, and training accessible to everyone.

Career Development

Parent-Friendly Environment

We understand that it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore in order to support your journey as new parent, we provide maternity and paternity leave and children-friendly office.

Parent-Friendly Environment

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Inside the Life of Hoster Rangers

Take a look and find out how it is like to be a part of Niagahoster!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the recruitment process at Niagahoster requires candidates to be present at the office?

The Recruitment Process is fully conducted online, the Interview will be held through Google Meet, the Test is done online, and the administrative processes are done virtually through email.
Generally, we apply the Flexible Working Hour policy which allows you to have the flexibility on setting up a working schedule. You can decide at what time you will be started working, as long as you can deliver results within 8 hours/day from Monday - Friday. We will also give you the flexibility to Work from Anywhere. So, you can decide whether you want to work remotely or at our office.
In addition to salary, we will provide your needs from A-Z. That includes Working Facilities (laptop, mouse, headphone, additional monitor). Internet and Meal Allowance, Learning Opportunities and Development Programs (course, certifications, books), BPJS, Health Insurance, and Mental Health Benefit.
Niagahoster is fully supportive of keeping a work-life balance for our employees. Therefore, we try to minimize and avoid overtime. However, there will be a situation where employees are required to spend more time at work for emergency problems or events. Fret not, we will compensate you for the additional hours you spent working
We have several types of employment based on your positions. Generally after accepting our Offering Letter, you will be signing an Employment Contract before continuing your journey on "Probation Period" for three months. After passing this period, you will be promoted as "Permanent Employee" (for non Customer Success position). As for Customer Success position, you will receive three months training period. After passing the training, it will be followed by a contract employment status for nine months, meaning your contract will be one year in total. If you manage to stay for 12 months consecutively (including the training period), you will be promoted to a permanent employee.
There will be no penalty for employees who decide to leave the company before the end of their contract. However, every employee is required to notify their Team Leader and HR Team by sending a one month notice resignation letter, complete their tasks, arrange a handover with their team, and return our assets properly.
Niagahoster encourages every employee to fit their work with their own personal interest. That means, we strive to create and provide promising career paths, unlimited opportunities, and exciting challenges to make you experience a genuine enjoyment at work. Therefore, other than levelling up positions from Junior to Managerial, we also provide an Internal Hiring opportunity for those who seek to explore new position across all departments.
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