Masa Depan Karir Cerah Bersama Niagahoster

Mulai berkarir di Niagahoster, perusahaan web hosting nomor satu di Indonesia. Gabung sekarang dan jadi superstar!

Masa Depan Karir Cerah Bersama Niagahoster

Mulai berkarir di Niagahoster, perusahaan web hosting nomor satu di Indonesia. Gabung sekarang dan jadi superstar!

Company Value

Customer Obsession

The customer is always our starting point. We extensively research and strive to understand our customers better. We work eagerly to earn and keep customer trust.

Learn and Be Curious

Learning is in our blood - we are always absorbing and analyzing new information. That concentrated knowledge is then used to excel our work. It is important for us to discover new prospects and explore innovative opportunities.

Hire and Develop The Best

We recognize and welcome outstanding, talented people with a huge potential. To suffice their needs, we move them throughout the organization. Terrific colleagues = Great workplace!

High Performance

We strive for the highest standards, and many may think these standards are excessively high. We raise the bar to continue the growth and deliverance of high-quality service at the price nobody can beat.

Freedom & Responsibility

We are responsible people: self-motivating, self-aware, self-disciplined, and self-improving. We act like leaders, and we don’t wait or want to be told what to do. We pick up trash lying on the floor. We love freedom for our actions, and we definitely deserve it.

We are Focused

The better we understand our business goals and how to get there, the more effective and precise our objectives are and the easier it is to achieve them. The same with the results. By taking responsibility to focus on key objectives, we identify when and where there is the biggest need to contribute accordingly.

Speed Matters in Business

Fast, efficient team work and rapid deliverance of changes is what drives us forward. We understand that many decisions are reversible. We value calculated risk. We are LEAN and Agile.

Earn Trust

We listen attentively, speak honestly, and treat others with respect. We are self-critical even when doing so is embarrassing. We understand constructive criticism and welcome it gracefully.

Dive Deep

We operate at all levels and stay attentive to the details. No task is beneath us. We are skeptical when metrics differ from reality. We are an Open company, so all data is openly available in order to make the right decision.

Disagree and Commit

We encourage discussions and constructive feedback. Every opinion is important and is likewise challenged. We vocally express disagreement in the manner of constructive criticism and chose not to maintain pseudo harmony in the team. Once a decision is made, we commit wholly and together work towards it.

Deliver Result

We focus on the key inputs for our business and deliver them with the right quality and in a timely fashion.

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Living the Niagahoster Dream

Meniti karir tidak pernah menyenangkan seperti ini. Mulai karir impian Anda bersama Niagahoster. Suasana kerja yang rileks berikut beragam benefit menarik akan memastikan Anda tetap fokus pada tujuan dan perform lebih baik.

Attractive Salary

Kami sangat menghargai keahlian Anda sebagai seorang profesional. Gaji dan insentif menarik menanti Anda di Niagahoster.

Fun Environment

Tetap serius dengan suasana santai. Kenyamanan kantor akan membantu Anda lebih produktif setiap harinya.

Flexible Working-hours

Kami mengerti bahwa tidak semua orang memiliki alur kerja sama. Mulai bekerja di waktu produktif Anda.

Remote Working Friendly

Bekerja kapanpun, dimanapun. Kami sangat terbuka pada pilihan bekerja secara jarak jauh.

Snack Time

Pantry Niagahoster selalu menyediakan cemilan sehat. Punya cemilan favorit? Anda hanya tinggal rikues saja!

Liburan Rutin

Lelah bekerja? Saatnya segarkan pikiran dan cari inspirasi. Tiap 3 bulan sekali kami memiliki agenda liburan bersama.

Sports Area

Produktivitas didapat dari tubuh, Kantor kami dilengkapi indoor gym agar tubuh tetap bugar.

Education Support

Anda bebas meminta buku, pelatihan, maupun menghadiri konferensi internasional untuk mengembangkan diri.

Domain & Hosting / VPS Gratis

Bergabung bersama kami dan dapatkan fasilitas Domain serta Hosting VPS secara cuma-cuma.

Peluang Karir Sesuai Keahlian Anda

Segala keajaiban berawal dari sini. Silakan pilih posisi yang sesuai dengan
minat dan bidang keahlian Anda.

Bagikan jika Anda menyukai halaman ini.